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Helping you Find the Right Surrogate

Family Match Consulting works as your guide and advocate to find you the best possible surrogate in the shortest timeframe possible.  Many prospective parents begin their surrogacy journey assuming they should select their agency as the first step.  This is absolutely not the case and by choosing an agency first, intended parents are actually limiting their chances of finding the right surrogate match within their desired timeframe.  By working directly with one particular agency, prospective parents are forced to choose from that agency's limited list of available candidates,  or are forced to wait on long wait lists before a potential match may even become available.  Our process gives you more control.  We help our clients find outstanding surrogates, who are with top reputable agencies, and we match most our clients within a short 1-4 weeks.  

From the time you are officially matched with your surrogate to the time of the embryo transfer procedure, it can oftentimes take anywhere from about 4-6 months.  While most clients wish an embryo transfer can happen much faster, it takes time to go through all the necessary steps to prepare for it.  While we cannot control that timeline, we can control is how long it takes to find our clients the right surrogate match.  Helping our clients move forward on their surrogacy journey is a role and responsibility we take very seriously.  Our goal is to quickly match you with the best surrogate so that you can be on your way towards growing your family. 

Why work with Family Match Consulting to find your surrogate?

  • We offer the fastest matches available.  We work with a network of over 75 of the most reputable surrogacy agencies who give us access to their available surrogate candidates.  By casting such a large net, we are able to match intended parents with excellent surrogate candidates very quickly, typically within 1-4 weeks.  There's no need to wait on 3-9 month wait lists to find a great surrogate.  Once engaged, we are typically able to begin sharing profiles of available surrogate candidates within 2 business days.  


  • We do not limit the number of surrogate profiles we share with you throughout the search.  We believe that clients should have the opportunity to see as many profiles as possible so they can feel confident in their decision. Choice is important, especially in a process this important. 


  • We are extremely selective.  Every week, we review approximately 20-30 available surrogate profiles from top agencies for our clients and on average, we are comfortable considering about 5-8 of them.  Our large reach allows us to be very selective and to be able to hone in on the qualities and characteristics that are most important to our clients and those that we know are most crucial to achieve the highest chance of success. 


  • We advocate for you.  Our goal is not only find you the best possible surrogate in the shortest timeframe possible, but to make sure that you are constantly being pointed in the right direction.  We know the common pitfalls in surrogacy and we work to make sure you avoid them.  We give you confidence that you are starting your surrogacy journey off on the right foot.  


  • We get you to the match.  Once you express interest in an available surrogate profile, we will vet the prospective match for you.  This includes sharing information with the surrogate about you and your preferences to make sure it's a viable match, reviewing all the fees and costs with you to make sure the finances of the match feel comfortable, and having her profile and medical records reviewed by your fertility doctor to make sure she is medically approved.  If all steps check out favorably, you will go on to have a match meeting with the prospective surrogate.  Only after that meeting if all parties agree to move forward, would we assist you in engaging the agency to finalize the match.  


  • The agency matters.  We've spent years researching and curating our list of top surrogacy agencies.  We only work with the best and alternatively, we have a list of agencies that we make sure our clients avoid at all costs.


  • Our search process focuses on what matters.  All the surrogacy agencies we have invited into our network are reputable and trusted agencies.  The only thing more important than the agency you work with is the surrogate you select.  Working with any one agency only limits choices and we've seen far too many clients end up matching with a surrogate who isn't the best fit because she was the only candidate available.  Our process allows us to focus on what matters most, which is finding you the best surrogate. 


  • We are proud to offer the lowest priced search fee in the country.    With our all inclusive surrogate search fee, every client receives a complete and thorough search, with all the support, guidance, and follow up needed.  

  • Maintain your anonymity.  We will not share your identifying information with any of the agencies within our network throughout your search.  You will only need to share your information with the agency that represents the surrogate who you ultimately select.  For clients who require an extra level of privacy and discretion, our Fertility Vault program was created to accommodate you.  Contact our office for additional information. 

  • As a thank you for our referrals, most agencies we work with allow us to place short courtesy holds on surrogates for our clients.   This allows you a little extra time to make your final decision without worrying that the surrogate will be selected by another client.  Additionally, while some agencies charge a fee for their intended parents to meet with a surrogate, the majority of these agencies allow our clients to bypass that payment so it only becomes due after the match meeting should everyone agree to move forward with the match.  We get you all the way to the match before you are required to make any financial commitments.

Our All Inclusive Surrogate Search Fee is as Follows:


All Inclusive Surrogate Search - $3,200  

Package includes:


  • An experienced case manager who will manage your entire search and help match you with the best possible surrogate in approximately 1-4 weeks.

  • We will present you with AS MANY surrogate profiles we find within the one month search term that meet your physician's guidelines, your preferred criteria, and our strict standards for surrogates.  We do not limit the number of profiles we share.

  • We will give honest, impartial feedback on all surrogate candidates and help coach and guide you through the selection process.  

  • Follow up with agencies to go over any questions regarding the candidates that are shared.

  • Facilitate the review of the candidate(s) medical records by your physician.

  • Personalized introduction to fertility resources to assist you through your journey (physicians, attorney's, counselors, etc.) 

Almost 100%  of our clients are successful in matching with their surrogate within approximately 1-4 weeks.   For clients requiring more time due to very unique or harder-to-find criteria, an extended search option can be arranged at a discounted rate.

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