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For clients who require complete privacy

Our Fertility Vault program was created to assist clients who require an extra level of discretion throughout their family building journey.  These clients endure the same challenges of finding an egg donor or surrogate that all clients face, but have the added challenge of trying to navigate the entire process while maintaining complete privacy and anonymity.  Our Vault program walks these clients through the entire egg donation and/or surrogacy process, from helping them find the right match, all the way to bringing their baby home, while zealously protecting their privacy along the way.

Finding the right egg donor or surrogate agency, a great surrogate, an egg donor with desired characteristics,  and bringing together all of these pieces including a reproductive attorney, escrow company, insurance broker, fertility doctor and the countless professionals that are needed throughout this process is daunting, for anyone.  But for clients that require an added layer of privacy, this endeavor is nearly impossible.   We've assisted these clients for over a decade and saw firsthand the unique challenges they encountered, and we wanted to help.  We are proud to be the first and only organization in the fertility community with a custom program that is tailor-made for clients who require additional support and complete discretion.  

Through our Fertility Vault program, we are able to recruit egg donors and/or surrogates independently to avoid the need of working with agencies altogether, or we work directly with the agencies on behalf of our clients so they are not required to connect with the agency directly, and their identity often times does not need to ever be revealed.  We will review each client's unique needs and come up with a custom plan to quickly, efficiently, and of course confidentially bring them through this process so they can finally meet their baby on the other side of it.  ​For 18 years, our founder has assisted thousands of clients achieve their dream of a family through both egg donation and surrogacy.    Contact our office to find out how we can assist you in your journey.  All calls and emails are handled in the strictest of confidence.

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