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Our Team

 Founder, President


I have worked in the fertility world for over 10 years. I have worked with the BEST IVF doctors in Southern California where I learned so much.  It is a great joy working in the infertility world assisting in creating families.

I know it is not an easy road for those who have to go through this tough journey. Please know that it is ok to ask for help to make this dream come true because your end result will be with great happiness.  I have been blessed to help Intended Parents around the world with helping them find a donor and or a surrogate. I have been to China over 20 times to meet intended parents and assist them in their journey.  I have worked with European, Australian and Russian families. I have been in surrogate deliveries where I can see the joy of the intended parents meeting their baby for the firs time. I would be honored to assist you in the next steps in finding your donor and or surrogate.  

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